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Leaders need support and new skills we provide that both online and face to face at sensible prices.


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Individual coaching to set your goals and achieve your aims

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Growing your Skills

Coaching is a proven method for improving your performance.  We use the GROW model developed by the late Sir John Whitmore among others.  Our coaches help individuals and teams define their goals, recognise the current situation and assess their options.  It concludes with commitment to action and change.  We also use the performance profile developed by Professor Lew Hardy to identify how individuals and teams can improve.

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How our consultants can help you optimise your business

With many years experience within the public and private sectors our consultants can efficiently and effectively examine your processes and recommend changes to your operating model and organisation.  We also offer leadership development, communication and cultural change services.


Leadership Development

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What is leadership development

At Pirbright Associates Ltd we believe that leadership abilities can be enhanced by training and practice.  You can lead from the front or even the middle.  Leadership comes in many shapes but to get results you need to train and practice.  We provide courses and organisational  development using Values Based Leadership which transformed the British Army's Training Division improving pass rates and trainee satisfaction.

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Leadership Coaching

Coaching from an expert in transformational leadership.  Understand  your leadership style, develop your abilities as a coach, realise your full potential and empower those that you lead.


About Pirbright Associates Ltd

Pirbright Associates Ltd was formed in 2019 out of the vision that leadership was needed at all levels and that the leader's greatest contribution is to transform their people by providing vison, support and challenge. Courses and individual coaching are sensibly priced and delivered to fit around the modern lifestyle. We use the tried and tested modern methods of leadership that  are taught in the British Army. Contact us with your thoughts, comments or questions or simply to learn more about how we can help you!


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Pirbright Associates Ltd Instructor Spotlight

Matthew Davis is a former Army Officer and commanding officer of the ATRD Staff Leadership School (ASLS).  He also has experience in leadership on military operations and working at Board level, is qualified at a teacher in the lifelong learning sector and holds a BSc in social science and psychology and a postgraduate diploma in logistics.

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Course Schedule

Leadership and Introduction to Coaching

Online Weekend Course 10 and 11 July 2021. 1000 -1400 each day.

Online 28 June to 19 July 2 hours per week total 8 hours

5 Essential Tips for Beginners

Here are Matthew's  top 5 tips before you start.

1.  Commit to continuous improvement.

2. Remember that when empowering your people means giving up some control.

3.  Connect with others to practice techniques.

4.  Keep a leadership journal

5.  Sign up for one of our courses

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